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Mascots are a great way of keeping businesses in the minds of customers. Our vector mascots are designed from scratch based on your requirements. Original characters should be appealing in order to grab the attention of your target customers, and must reflect the spirit and nature of the product. We create a memorable character that comes with a vector file, that means it can be used on any size for your brand.


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Tell us what you want

Our design brief makes it simple to describe your design challenge and set your budget. Mascot will be designed from scratch to suit your requirements. We first start simple sketches for the concepts and then take that to the Corel Draw to vectorize and color the design.

You can make a corporate mascot work exclusively for your company

Like your company’s name and logo design, a corporate mascot can be trademarked. This allows you to reap the full benefits of a custom designed mascot without having to worry about any conflicts caused by a mascot design theft.

Any file format you need

Our vector designs can be edited in any stage and saved in any file format you need. By default we provide the .pdf, .cdr, .eps (vector – perfect for printed martial such as business cards, T Shirts, van graphics, magazine adverts, billboards etc), .jpg, .png file formats (bitmap – perfect for your website, web banners etc).

Mascot increase brand awareness

What do consumers know about your company’s brand other than its logo and name? This can be difficult to define for consumers, especially since you can lose their attention in less than a second. A good mascot, whose sole purpose is to keep people engaged, can exude and reinforce any element of your company’s brand that you wish to show people.




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Cost-saving package for small businesses

  • Color, grayscale and outline art
  • 5 design concepts
  • 5 variants
  • 5 revisions
  • Raster file formats: .jpeg, .png
  • Editable source vector file formats: .eps, .cdr, .pdf.



$ 99.95 / Per Mascot

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Affordable for anyone

  • Color, grayscale and outline art
  • 1 extra pose of your mascot
  • 10 design concepts
  • 10 variants
  • 10 revisions
  • Raster file formats: .jpeg, .png
  • Editable source vector file formats: .eps, .cdr, .pdf.


$ 249.95 / Per Mascot

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Perfect plan for med – big businesses

  • Color, grayscale and outline art
  • 2 extra pose of your mascot
  • 25 design concepts
  • 25 variants
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Raster file formats: .jpeg, .png
  • Editable source vector file formats: .eps, .cdr, .pdf.


$ 499.95 / Per Mascot

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How to choose mascot design package?

If you have a formed creative brief, but not sure about details, we recommend the Silver package. With 10 concepts and 10 variants it will be easy to create the perfect design, that suits all your preferences.

If you already have a concept and detailed vision of your mascot in mind. If you’re pretty sure of what you want, you can go with Bronze package. There you can implement your idea at low costs.

If you have no idea of what your mascot should be like, you can rely on a professionalism of our designers. Take the Gold package and enjoy the deep creative process with Vihotar team.

What does “extra poses” mean?

Sometimes you need to give a mascot a bigger personality, to make him live. That allows to establish great connection with your customers. Examples of “extra poses”:
– Different body positions (pointing at something, standing still, running etc.)
– Different props (holding a newspaper, laptop or smartphone etc.)
– Different clothing (Halloween or Christmas costume, business suit etc.)

How to make a good creative brief for mascot design?

Describe your idea.
What character do you want and it’s purpose. Specify which products (or features, or services) should be highlighted by mascot. Mention in your creative brief these details: body type, skin type, pose, costume and other. What face expression and mood of mascot do you want: helpful, friendly, aggressive, cool, playful etc.

Describe your style.
The style of a mascot should match your company’s branding. Tell what you are proud of in your company, what makes it different from the competitors. Show examples of mascots, that you like and dislike.Describe a preferable color palette.

Describe your customers.
Who are you trying to reach? Mention: age, gender, what type of businesses are they involved with, their lifestyle and income.

Show your competition.
It will be helpful, if you can give an examples of a competitor’s mascots.

What’s the difference between grayscale and outline art?

A grayscale image is a monochrome picture with shades of gray. This type of image can include soft highlights, shadows and gradients. A black and white photograph is a sample of a grayscale image.
Line art is a picture that consists of outlines, there is not any gradation of shade or color. It looks like coloring book.


Mascot Design Examples

Cyborg-girl, www.filtronik.ru

Camping Boy, www.freepik.com


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