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Launched in 2008, Magento is one of the leading e-Commerce platform suitable for medium to large sized businesses. Magento is empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. Magento is offering powerful and flexible features and it’s intuitive administration interface provides advanced marketing, search engine optimization and catalog -management tools so you can control the look, content and functionality of every retailer’s unique business requirements.

Along with Magento development, we also offer other technical services you may need with project. These services may be domain services, hosting services, design services, marketing services, maintenance services, security services etc. Feel free to checkout our menu pages for any additional services you may need.



Free Magento Consultancy

We provide you a FREE Magento consultancy. Our Magento experts will help you choose best out of Magento as per your requirements.

Magento Optimized Hosting

We provide you hosting environment specially optimized for Magento in order to ensure that your Magento website run smoothly.

Magento Graphics

Our talented Graphics designers can help you create graphics for your Magento Website as per your requirements.

Magento Custom Development

Our Magento expert development team can provide you any custom development service for your Magento website.

Magento Marketing

Our Marketing experts can help you bring traffic to your Magento website by using various advanced marketing methods as per your needs.

Magento Maintenance

We provide you Magento maintenance in order to ensure that your website is always up to date with latest technology and highly secured.

Magento Management

As your business grows, you may need some remote staff to assist you in running your Magento store. We can help you find remote staff as per your requirements.

Dedicated Account Manager

We provide you dedicated account manager with your account with us. Our Account Manager will always be around to help you with any services you have purchased with us.



  • Magento Ecommerce Store Setup
  • Magento theme Setup
  • Magento Configuration
  • Magento Graphics Setup
  • Magento Content Setup
  • Magento Product upload
  • Magento Extensions Setup
  • Magento Shipping methods setup
  • Magento Tax Setup
  • Magento Support ticket system setup
  • Magento Live chat Setup
  • Magento Email Templates Setup
  • Magento Support ticket system setup
  • Magento Google Analytics Setup
  • Magento Google Map Integration
  • Magento Amazon Integration
  • Magento Ebay Integration
  • Magento Facebook Integration
  • Magento Instagram Integration
  • Magento Twitter Integration
  • Magento Linkedin Integration
  • Magento Youtube Integration
  • Magento Marketplace Setup
  • Magento Marketplace Configuration
  • Magento Marketplace merchant shops Setup
  • Magento Payment Gateways Setup
  • Magento Security Setup
  • Magento Performance Setup
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Modules Development
  • Magento CMS Customization
  • Magento Theme Customization
  • Magento Modules Customization



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Suitable for small sized Magento websites

  • Working hours : 25
  • Cost : $ 30 / hour
  • Total Cost : $ 749.95
  • Project duration : up to 2 weeks
  • Package Validity : 1 Month
$ 749.95 / Onetime

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Suitable for Medium Sized Magento Websites

  • Working hours : 60
  • Cost : $ 25 / hour
  • Total Cost : $ 1499.95
  • Project duration : up to 4 weeks
  • Package Validity : 2 Months
$ 1499.95 / Onetime

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Best for Magento Professional Websites

  • Working hours : 150
  • Cost : $ 20 / hour
  • Total Cost : $ 2999.95
  • Project duration : up to 8 weeks
  • Package Validity : 4 Months
$ 2999.95 / Onetime

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How I track Working hours?

We will provide you access to our time tracker where you will see periodically screenshots of activity our staff working on your tasks.

What is Project duration?

Project duration means the duration of time in which your project will be completed by us.

What is Package Validity?

That means you can use your unused working hours anytime till specified validity of the package.

What is “Onetime” price?

Onetime price means you will be charged only one time when you purchase the package. There won’t be any recurring charges for any onetime price package.

Which package is right for me?

Feel free to contact us with your project details. Our consultants will help you choose the right package as per your project requirements and you can choose package accordingly.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Of course yes. Anytime you can upgrade your existing plan and we will add discount your existing plan cost on the plan you upgrade.

What if I need additional services?

Kindly check our menu pages for any additional services you need along with development package. You can purchase packages of services you required as per your requirements.

What if my tasks are not listed in tasklist?

In case, your required tasks are not listed above in our standard tasklist, You can contact us with list of tasks you want to get done, we will provide you customized quotation accordingly.


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