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Logo (logotype) is a graphic mark, small image, that represent particular company. It is essential part of brand public recognition. Definitely logo is a base of a corporate style. It should be catchy and easy to remember. It should represent distinctive features of a business. And certainly, a Logo should be likable.

We offer:

  • We create a logo from your description, consider your own preferences, specific of your business, and recent trends.
  • We give you the finished Logo in different digital formats for different purposes. Bitmap format (.jpeg, .png) is used on the web-sites and social media. Vector format (.pdf, .eps, .cdr) is used for printing and editing.


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Original design

Logo design is based on your preferences and specs. You are able to communicate directly with a designer creating unique, catchy logo, that meet all your specifications.

Solution for your business.

Our design services are the best solution for a new business, when you don’t know where to start. And also good for such businesses, when you definitely know what do you want.

Vector format of Logo.

This type of file allows to use Logo in high definition for printing business cards, catalogues, on the T-shirts etc. Also vector graphic allows to easily edit final image. For example, we can change the colors, text etc. Vector images can be resized, enlarged to any sizes without loss of quality and pixelation.

Ready to use images.

We offer not only digital picture of your Logo, but square bitmap images ready to apply on social media. We add required white fields to the Logo for nice look in square profile pictures. So you can fast and easy upload your image on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.




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Cost-saving package for small businesses

  • 5 design concepts
  • 5 variants
  • 5 revisions
  • 5 icon variations
  • File formats: vector (.pdf), bitmap-pixel (.png, .jpeg).!
$ 49.95 / Per Logo

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Affordable for anyone

  • 10 design concepts
  • 10 variants
  • 10 revisions
  • 10 icon variation
  • File formats: vector (.eps, .cdr, .pdf) and bitmap-pixel (.png, .jpeg)
$ 99.95 / Per Logo

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Perfect plan for med – big businesses

  • 25 design concepts
  • 25 variants
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 20 icon variations
  • File formats: vector (.eps, .cdr, .pdf) and bitmap-pixel (.png, .jpeg)
$ 249.95 / Per Logo

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How to choose logo package?

If you have a formed creative brief, but not sure about details, we recommend the Silver package. With 10 concepts and 10 variants it will be easy to create the perfect design, that suits all your preferences.

If you already have a concept and detailed vision of your Logo in mind. If you’re pretty sure of what you want, you can go with Bronze package. There you can implement your idea at low costs.

If you have no idea of what your logo should be like, you can rely on a professionalism of our designers. Take the Gold package and enjoy the deep creative process with Vihotar team.

How to make a good creative brief for Logo design?

1. Describe your company.
Any background of your business is relevant: location, history, size of a company and how long you are in the business. What is the mission of your company. Tell about your product/services. Tell what are you proud of in your company, what makes it different from the competitors.

2. Describe your style.
What icons, words and letters should be in a Logo? What colors and fonts are preferable? Show examples of Logos, that you like and dislike. What tone and mood of Logo do you want: helpful, friendly, techy, bold, playful etc. Examples of styles: black and white, minimalistic, hand script, basic shape, abstract, colorful gradients, seal, emblem, Illustration, vintage, folk, mosaic etc.

3. Describe your customers.
Who are you trying to rich? Mention: age, gender, what type of businesses are they involved with, their lifestyle and income.

4. Show your competition.
It will be helpful, if you can give an examples of a competitor’s companies.

What are design concepts?

Our Designers team will make a sample logos based on your creative brief. You choose one of the concepts. Then provide the designer your feedback about what you want to change and where does the creating process needs to move further.

If you take a pricing-package with more concepts (10-25 Silver and Gold), that means you’ll get more ideas of logos to choose from.

What if I don’t like the final design?

If the final logo design doesn’t satisfy you, upgrade your plan and choose the higher plan. After upgrading we will discount the old plan cost. With more concepts and options we can meet all your needs.

What are variants?

After choosing the right concept of Logo, you still may have some suggestions to improve the final design. Color scheme, fonts and composition can be changed on this step.

What is a “one time” price?

There are no any hidden, or additional fees for revising logos in design process or for getting additional file format. All our pricing packages shows the number of possible edits.

When do I get my final logo design?

After we get your order with full description of what you want (creative brief), our design team will create a concepts in 50 hours.
After that we’ll be waiting for your feedback to finalize the Logo design. It may take from a couple of hours up to a few days. It depends on the amount and difficulty of changes and on your respond as well. We’ll try to meet all your requirements in shortest time possible.

Who owns the copyrights of final Logo design?

You own all the rights for your Logo, you can do anything you want with it. We can’t sell your Logo to other company, or use it in other designs. We can show your Logo on our design page as an example of our work only with your permission.


Recent Logos

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Logo for lawyer web-site “advokat-sivko.ru”

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