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What is ID Protect?

ID Protection allows you to protect your identity and reduce spam from scammers scraping whois databases; it does this by replacing your information with generic name and address details. The final piece of the puzzle is a hidden email address which forwards onto your real email address; this means they won’t see your real email address, but you will see emails sent regarding your domain name.

When a domain name is registered, some information (such as personal/business) is displayed on the whois lookup as per regulatory requirements. Depending on the domain name extension, different types of information is displayed to those conducting a lookup.

Why you need ID Protect?

We know that you want your information to be private and protected. That said, as your domain registrar, Enom is required by international rules to collect several pieces of personal information and store them in a public file called a WHOIS record. It includes your name and contact info (but NOT any financial data). To see the type of information that is stored, go to our WHOIS lookup tool and put in any domain, like

Even if you don’t mind this type of information being public, anyone—including mail, email, and telephone marketers—can use WHOIS records to pester domain registrants with unwanted solicitations. Fortunately, Enom offers a ID Protect to shield your personal information from prying eyes.

Exposed Data

Your data is exposed when you don't opt for ID protect.

Protects from scammer

protects from scammer



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Suitable for ALL sized Off Websites

  • Protection against online identity theft
  • Reduced domain-related scams and junk mail
  • Complete control over your information

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How does ID Protect help reduce spam?

What if someone sends something to the generic postal address listed on ID Protect domains?

What if I need to prove ownership of a domain?


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