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Email signature raises the status of your company. A good email signature is straightforward; has a hint of spirit, and complies with brand standard. But most of all, it’s important to use one in the first place. Emails ending with a signature are the trend nowadays. You can easily use it in the signature settings of your email client.


Order custom email signature design



Solution for your business

We provide ready to use email templates and signatures with responsive layout. Templates include logo, branding images and links, and represent distinctive features of your business.

Enhance your public image

Custom email is a big part of your brand and marketing strategy. It enhance your reputation and the image of your company.

Friendly support

We provide full support for installation and use of our email templates and signatures.




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Cost-saving package for small businesses

  • HTML ready-to-use template
  • 5 design concepts
  • 5 variants
  • 5 revisions
  • Source project images: .jpeg, .png
  • Mobile responsive layout
$ 49.95 / Per Email Signature

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Affordable for anyone

  • HTML ready-to-use template
  • 10 design concepts
  • 10 variants
  • 10 revisions
  • Source project images: .jpeg, .png
  • Mobile responsive layout
$ 99.95 / Per Email Signature

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Perfect plan for med – big businesses

  • HTML ready-to-use template
  • 25 design concepts
  • 25 variants
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Source project images: .jpeg, .png
  • Mobile responsive layout
$ 199.95 / Per Email Signature

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How to choose email signature design package?

If you have a formed creative brief, but not sure about details, we recommend the Silver package. With 10 concepts and 10 variants it will be easy to create the perfect design, that suits all your preferences.

If you already have a concept and detailed vision of your email signature in mind. If you’re pretty sure of what you want, you can go with Bronze package. There you can implement your idea at low costs.

If you have no idea of what your email signature should be like, you can rely on a professionalism of our designers. Take the Gold package and enjoy the deep creative process with Vihotar team.

What are design concepts?

Our Designers team will make a sample email signature layouts based on your creative brief. You choose one of the concepts. Then provide the designer your feedback about what you want to change and where does the creating process needs to move further.

If you take a pricing-package with more concepts (10-25 Silver and Gold), that means you’ll get more ideas of email signature to choose from.

How to make a good creative brief for email signature design?

Describe your company.
What is the mission of your company. Tell about your product/services. Tell what are you proud of in your company, what makes it different from the competitors.

Describe content of an email signature.
What icons, images, information should be in an email signature?

Describe your style.
What colors and fonts are preferable? Show examples of email signatures, that you like and dislike. What tone and mood of an email signature do you want: helpful, friendly, techy, bold, playful etc.

Show your competition.
It will be helpful, if you can give an examples of a competitor’s companies.

What are variants?

After choosing the right concept of an email signature you still may have some suggestions to improve the final design. Color scheme, fonts and composition can be changed on this step.


Email Signatures Examples

Email signature 1

Support for WHMCS, Aweber & MailChimp

Email signature 2

Support for WHMCS, Aweber & MailChimp


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