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Business card is a face of your company. It includes essential text and visual information about particular person and business. We offer you to work with designer, so you don’t need to be an expert in printing industry or graphic design.

How our business card design service works?

  • You can choose one of the design templates and we make it with your logo and information.
  • You can find some existing business card design and we can create new design, that looks like it, or just in the same style.
  • You don’t need to find anything, just tell us, what you have in mind.


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Solution for your business

We create unique, eye catching business card, that meet all your specifications, because you work directly with our designer. You don’t need to know anything about design, printing specs and graphic programs. Just tell us, what you like, and we’ll work until you are fully satisfied.

Vector format

We offer business card design in special vector format. This type of file allows to print business cards in high definition. That is why your printed results looks professional and beautiful. Also vector files are editable. When you need to make some changes, it can be done in a minute. For example you can change background color, logo image or text.




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Cost-saving package for small businesses

  • One-sided layout
  • 5 design concepts
  • 5 variants
  • 5 revisions
  • Including printing specifications, preparing layout to print
  • Vector file format: .pdf, .cdr, .eps
$ 49.95 / Per Card

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Affordable for anyone

  • Two-sided layout
  • 10 design concepts
  • 10 variants
  • 10 revisions
  • Including printing specifications, preparing layout to print
  • Vector file format: .pdf, .cdr, .eps
$ 99.95 / Per Card

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Perfect plan for med – big businesses

  • Two-sided layout
  • 20 design concepts
  • 20 variants
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Including printing specifications, preparing layout to print
  • Vector file format: .pdf, .cdr, .eps
$ 249.95 / Per Card

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How to choose business card package?

If you have a formed creative brief, but not sure about details, we recommend the Silver package. With 10 concepts and 10 variants it will be easy to create the perfect design, that suits all your preferences.

If you already have a concept and detailed vision of your business card in mind. If you have ready-to-use high quality graphics (logo in vector format, photos in high definition), you can go with Bronze package. There you can implement your idea at low costs.

If you are not sure of what your business card should be like, you can rely on a professionalism of our designers. Take the Gold package and enjoy the deep creative process with Vihotar team.

What are variants?

After choosing the right concept of a business card you still may have some suggestions to improve the final design. Color scheme, fonts and composition can be changed on this step. Also variants can include different layout for different employees and job positions.

How to make a good creative brief for business card design?

Describe your company.
What is the mission of your company. Tell about your product/services. Tell what are you proud of in your company, what makes it different from the competitors.

Describe content of a business card.
What icons, images, information should be in a business card?

Describe your style.
What colors and fonts are preferable? Show examples of business cards, that you like and dislike. What tone and mood of a business card do you want: helpful, friendly, techy, bold, playful etc. Examples of styles: black and white, minimalistic, basic shape, abstract, colorful gradients, Illustration, vintage, folk, mosaic etc.

Show your competition.
It will be helpful, if you can give an examples of a competitor’s companies.

What does 4/0 4/4 4/1 mean?

It’s a terminology in reference to full-color two-sided printing:

4/0 – Full color front / No print on back
4/1 – Full color front / Black and white back
4/4 – Full color front / Full color back

What are design concepts?

Our Designers team will make a sample business card layouts based on your creative brief. You choose one of the concepts. Then provide the designer your feedback about what you want to change and where does the creating process needs to move further.

If you take a pricing-package with more concepts (10-25 Silver and Gold), that means you’ll get more ideas of business card to choose from.

What are vector and raster file formats mean?

Image in vector formats can be easily edited with special software. This type of file allows to print in high definition and includes printing specs, such as CMYK color model, cutting and folding marks, given bleeds and other:

.pdf – The Portable Document Format. Easy to view on any operating system.
.eps – Encapsulated PostScript. A file extension for a vector graphics file used by Adobe Illustrator. You need a vector graphic software to open, view and edit this type of file.
.cdr – A file extension for a vector graphics file used by Corel Draw. You need a vector graphic software to open, view and edit this type of file.

Image in raster (bitmap, pixel) format is easy to view on any device, can be uploaded in web resources (web-site, social media, e-mail etc.), can be printed (in 300dpi resolution). This type of file is difficult to change and edit, because it representing a rectangular grid of pixels, or points of colors.

.jpeg – Joint Photographic Experts Group. Most popular file format for lossy compressed digital picture.
.png – Portable Network Graphics. File format that supports lossless data compression, can display images with transparent background.


Business Cards Examples

Two full color sides (4/4)

Business card for catering company Nanyca

Two monochrome sides (1/1)

Sample monochrome business card design

Two full color sides (4/4)

Business card for technology services company Vihotar

One full color side (4/0)

Custom logo design, vector and bitmap formats


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